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Destination Training

Destination Training Flights

The view out the window couldn't be more amazing as YOU fly the airplane to some of the most beautiful locations in southen California.  This memorizing part of the country has it all, mountains, oceans, deserts, islands, city skylines, whales, dolphins, military planes, you name it!  We have created a few idolic lessons based on the beauty of the area, but are by no means the only options.  Do you have a specific destination in mind, something you want to see from the air?  Let us know and we will build a flight to suit your desires! 


Each is setup as either a flight lesson or a discovery flight.  What this means is that not only will you get to enjoy all of beautiful southern California has to offer from the air while you fly the airplane, but each flight will be structured to include a pre-flight briefing of the plane and flight, a guided tour as we fly, flight instruction on manuevering the airplane, talking on the radios, navigation and of course plenty of time to break out the camera for pictures!

Cornado Bay
By far the most popular and non-stop exciting flight in the area, the bay covers it all! 
Departing from Montgomery Field just north of San Diego this flight passes Mt. Solidad and out over the coast.  You will see La Jolla caves, possible a whale or a pod of dolphins playing off the break water.  From there we will turn south and decend below 500' above the water hugging the coast.  Around Point Loma with great views of the lighthouse and all the sailboats coming in and out of the bay.  As we fly you will be treated to sights of North Island Navial Air Base on one side and Downtown San Diego on the other.  Other great views along the way are the Navial ships at dock, Cornado beach, San Diego International Airport, Mission Bay, Sea World and Cornado Bridge all of which we will fly right over!
This flight is a delight to the senses without a dull moment from start to finish!! 
Catalina and Ocean

Few sights can compare with the magisty of flying over an endless expanse of ocean.  The scene made even sweeter as Catalina Island looms insight.  Decending down, we cruise around this wonderous island close enough to count the sails in the harbor.  


You will have a chance to see Twin Harbors, Catalina Airport, Avalon, Avalon Harbor and miles of beautiful coast line!  Keep an eye out on the ocean crossing for whales, dolphin pods, large freight vessels and the occasional navial ship heading out to sea!

El Capitan Reservior and El Cajon Mountain

Seeming to surround San Diego, yet always off in the distance.  Bring these majistic beauties up close and personal.  We start with El Capitan Reservior and El Cajon Mountain, down into the reservior valley then climb out to Viejas Mountain.  From there we will fly north over the range to Palomar Observatory, then back down to the south in the valley.  We will cross mountain lakes, small private airstrips and even a glider-airport along the way. 


This is a great flight to combine with a coastal tour and see both the great features this area has to offer!



L.A. and Hollywood

Want to see L.A. from the air?  Would you like to fly eye level with the iconic Hollywood sign?  How about fly right over LAX and the ship The Queen Mary?  This tour is for you!  We will depart the airport and fly north up to the L.A. basin area, from there we will get our clearance to fly to the sign for pictures.  After which we will fly west out toward the coast then south over LAX and out to sea  back toward San Diego. 


This amazing flight takes a little longer then most but you will be rewarded with being able to fly through airspace and over places others don't usually fly! 


The Coast.  What more really needs said?  The California golden coast and deep blues of the pacific ocean await you on this flight.  The best chance of seeing whales, dolphin pods, navial and freight vessels as well as the occasional hang glider, parasailer, banner tower or even a hot air ballon! 


On this flight you will climb up high to get the best view of the ocean and possible wildlife then decend down low and skim just a few hundred feet over the water for the thrill of a lifetime!

Desert Tour

Often forgotten with all the other beauty here the shear starkness of the desert comands its own kind of appreciation and beauty.  Just a short flight to the east over the mountains brings you to the barren and relentness desert.  Flying out here will leave you with the feeling of being the only ones on earth! 

Destination Airports

Its not all about pretty mountains and golden beaches out here!  There are many airports within a short distance that offer so many things worth the visit.  Great food, interesting airplanes, warbird museums, landing right next to the ocean or landing on a dirt strip! 


This place is lucky to have so many interesting airports and such an illustrius history in the aviation community your only a stones throw away from a new discovery!

Just Sightseeing Tour

Not Interested in being at the controls?  Do you only want to take a ride in an airplane?  Lift Drag Aviation can make it happen for you and up to 4 of your friends (weight and seating limitations may apply). 


We will work with you to design your own tour of the San Diego, Carlsbad, Santee or Ramona areas.


*Note- This tour flight involves no flight instruction and is limited to 25 miles from the departure airport, but don't worry!  There are many amazing things to see surrounding each airport and we promise non-stop OOOH's and AHHH's! 


Have a certain time frame in mind?  Do you want to limit the cost of the flight?  We can work with any reasonable request to get you up in the air and at the controls!  Hourly costs will vary depending on several factors;


Number in your party?

Weight of each passanger?

Type of plane requested to fly in?

How long is the desired flight?


Please contact Lift Drag Aviation directly for a price quote on making your customized flight a reality!

Timed Tours
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