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 Your Pilot License's



LiftDrag Aviation offers many licenses and training opportunities from basic pilot's licenses to advanced training in many areas.  We are a CFR Part 61 training school.  Whether you need training to navigate the local area or have aspirations of flying for the airlines LiftDrag Aviation can provide you with comprehensive, quality training that will take you into the future.


You will find more information on the different types of training schools available to you, the training, timeframes and estimated costs for whatever your goals might be on the next page.

Seeing the Sights



San DIego is a beautiful place to fly!  With weather that is gorgous almost year round, white sandy beaches, a beautiful skyline and majestic mountains as a backdrop to it all.  LiftDrag Aviation has many pre-packaged destination flights in the area all available weather permitting. Or, if you choose you can design your own going almost anywhere within the limits of the aircraft! 


There are many wonderful places to see here, below is a listing for some of the local sights.  Also, information on how to create your own tour and estimated costs involved.

Discovery Flights &
The Gift of Flight

You just can't give a cooler gift then the gift of flight! 


LiftDrag Aviation offers many choices in gift certificates and referal discounts along with any custom package you can think of.  We want, above all, for you to love your experience and want to tell your friends.  That is why we also offer a referal program, allowing you to share your experiences with your friends and you both get a discount!  Who doesn't love to save a little money and  everyone should experience being at the controls of an airplane while soaring the blue skies!

Aerial Photography


Whether your a professional looking for specific shots or just an avid hobbyist, San Diego has no shortage of what your looking for!  LiftDrag Aviation can provide you with a great platform for aerial photography, custom flight plans, times and locations to get you the best shots possible. 

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