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Growing up I was blessed, going to airshows, meeting aviation figures that shaped the industry and having rare opportunities to experience aviation from an era long past.  Aviation has been a large part of my entire life, these experiences have given me a unique perspective on the industry and community of the aviation world.


When I first looked to aviation as an adult it was as a hobby and to check something off my bucket list, at the time not realizing it would become an all consuming love of my life.  After that realization came, It was then an only natural progression to want to share that love with others and pursue my instructor credentials.  Teaching and sharing my love of flying were my end goals.  Here you will not find an instructor that is just going through the motions waiting to get to the airlines, but someone who is doing what he loves to get you to your love.


Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Instrument Instructor, Multi-Engine Flight Instructor


After receiving my teaching credientials I immediately starting teaching in the greater San Diego area.  There are several great airports locally and all had opportunities to train and teach at.  Each opened new doors within the small aviation community, presented great connections to operate new aircraft and share my passion with others.



Aerobatic and Tailwheel Training

Flying in beautiful Flordia with renowned aerobatic competitor, instructor and custom aircraft builder Steve Wolf in his custom Pitts S2-B.  His lovely wife Kathy Hirtz is also an aerobatic competitor and instructor, teaching in a Cech made Zlin.   Continueing my aerobatic training brought me to SKYTHRILLS in Orange County, California.  SKYTHRILLS owner Mike Blackstone has a collection of some of the most beautiful flying machines you can have in your hanger!  Through him I gained aerobatic experience in his Pitts S2-C, Marchetti, Waco, Extra 300L and a tailwheel endorsement in his Citabria. 
Aircraft Training
For a while within my aviation career I had an intense desire to fly anything and everything that had wings, no matter if it would help my career aspirations or not.  The desire is still there to fly every airplane that I can, but has changed over the last few years to become a learning of each plane that I fly.  To fly a plane once is a great experience, to intimately learn to fly it is an honor.  From one hour to many hours I have had the great honor of flying aerobatic planes, seaplanes, biplanes, open cockpit planes, vintage warbirds, cross-country haulers and many others down to the basic trainers that I now teach a new generation of pilots in.


2010 - present

2010 - present

ATP Flight Schools
San Diego, CA
Multi-Engine Private & Commercial, Instrument add-on, Commercial Single Engine, Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Instrument Instructor, Multi-Engine Instructor.
Orange County, CA
Basic and advanced aerobatic training, tailwheel training and endorsement, advanced high performance aircraft management.
WingOver Aerobatics
Leesburg, FL
Aerobatic Intro training in a Zlin and advanced training in a custom Pitts S2-B
Capital City Aviation
Columbus, OH
Innitial instrument training and time building.
Aviation Works
Newark, OH
Private pilots license, innitial training and time building.
Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science, Industrial design
Plus One Flyers
San Diego, CA
Montgomery Field, Palomar Field, Gillespie Field
National Association of Flight Instructors
Established to promote a high level of professionalism among aviation educators throughout the industry.
Society of Aviation and Flight Educators
An organization of aviation educators fostering professionalism and excellence in aviation through continuing education, professional standards, and accreditation.
FAA FAAST Safety Team Member/ FAA WINGS Participant
Safer skies through education
Cessna Pilot Center
Cessna certified pilot trainer
Aircraft Owner's and Pilot's Association
Nonprofit association and advocacy group for pilots education, safety, freedom and protection
Experimental Aviation Association
Nonprofit association and advocacy group for pilots education, safety, freedom and protection


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